Many people who have expressed interest in learning a new musical instrument or a new sport have turned to experts to help them develop their skills. You can follow a similar path if this is your first time learning how to drive.

In the United States, the most popular type of racing is NASCAR. Take a look at these important driving safety tips below that we can learn even from the professional NASCAR drivers.

1. Look Two Seconds Ahead

One common mistake drivers make is to look only at the car immediately in front of them. Although it is important to maintain a safe gap between the car in front of you and yourself, it is also important make it a habit to look at least two seconds ahead of you. This equates to about 150 feet for a car that is traveling at 50mph. This will help you look for potential dangers. Most race car drivers do this for safety reasons as well as plan on how to safely pass slower cars ahead on the race track.

2. Always Wear the Seatbelt

Yes, NASCAR drivers especially use safety restraints which are more restrictive compared to the typical belts found at the passenger car seats and shoulders. The truth is, even a minor car accident can turn into a tragic and fatal event. It is possible for drivers and passengers to get ejected from their car because of not wearing safety belts and suffer serious injuries because of the ground impact.

3. Sit a Bit Closer to the Wheel

Have you watched the in-car videos in the NASCAR races? If you have, you might have noticed that the drivers would usually sit very close to the steering wheel. Such driving method lets drivers catch a slide or other potential incidents that are out of their control a lot easily. Aside from that, sitting closer will also help the arm muscles move quicker, which generates a faster reaction speed.

For everyone, being alert, focused and aware of your surroundings is the best way to drive. People who are learning to drive for the first time should follow these three important tips from the experts for safe driving.